BOSTON – Day One

Marathon dream: check. Marathon dream involving a bear: check. Nervous excitement: double check.

I’m here! After frantic preparations last night for this morning’s 6:25am flight, and only three hours of sleep, I made it. Looking out the window of the airplane as we landed, I decided it was going to be an emotional weekend. After descending through the clouds on arrival, and seeing the the city of Boston and the Charles river come into view, I got a little choked up. Not only would I be running in the BOSTON MARATHON, but I would also be seeing my kids. Nothing could possibly be better than that.

It is cold here, and drizzly. The trees barely have leaves, and things are just beginning to bloom. I couldn’t be happier about the weather. The last few runs in Dallas were in the low 80’s, and I could feel the difference the temperature made.

Next on the agenda: eat lunch and go to the expo to get my bib, chip, and race t-shirt. We passed the expo on the way in, and we can walk from here. I could also see the Finish Line from the shuttle, and was glad we didn’t cross it. I’ll save that for Monday, by foot. Just driving down Boylston street, and knowing I would be finishing the race on that very street, was an indescribable feeling.

Later . . .  got settled into our hotel, which is just across the street from the Boston Common.  Met up with the kids, and had lunch at Pizzeria Uno–which just might be the best deep dish pizza in the world.  Met Emi Sagawa and her mom at the Expo and made plans to take the  bus together to Athlete’s Village on race morning.  Loved when I picked up my bib at the expo and the man told me, “This must be your first Boston.”  When I asked how he knew, he said he could tell because I was so “bubbly and excited.”  I was glad he couldn’t tell how nervous I was as well!

I am amazed at how many people here have run multiple Bostons.  Everyone seems to be wearing a different Boston jacket, and many are from last year’s race.  I can feel the greatness all around me!  These are definitely some serious runners.

Michael had to endure a long diatribe from me on the plane about how they always run out of size small t-shirts at races, and how I really hoped they would still have some shirts in my size.  At the t-shirt table, I made sure to go to the “small chest size” section (amid lots of laughs between me and my daughter), and was relieved to see a mountain of shirts in my size.  However, when I got back to the hotel I discovered they had given me a size medium, so I made Michael walk all the way back to the expo with me to get the correct size.  I tried not to think about the fact that I might regret walking an extra two miles before the race.

The kids wanted to do some sightseeing, so they took the subway to see the USS Constitution and Bunker Hill, then had dinner in Little Italy.  Michael and I were exhausted and fell asleep in the room, missing happy hour,  then I ordered a lobster roll from room service.  Though it was good, it was not worth $27.  The kids decided to go to Fanueil Hall and have drinks, and I tried to get some sleep–which wasn’t hard at all.

Of slight concern today:  everything is in bloom here and it rained most of the time we were outside, and my allergies are horrible.  I have a scratchy throat and my head is very congested.  I’m hoping this won’t affect me too much in the race, but am having to consider that this might slow me down.  I have already decided that I am going to enjoy this experience no matter what happens in the race, but I’m still concerned.

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