A 10 Mile July Run in Texas

We started our second long run of the marathon training season at 6AM.  It was 84 degrees with 61% humidity.  To say it was another tough July run in Texas is an understatement.

I felt horrible at mile 4.  We started out at a 9:30 pace, which was 15 sec faster than the pace I wanted to keep.  I had been feeling a little under the weather since Wednesday and wondered if I would be able to go the entire 10 miles.  I  struggled up the hills from the lake, and stopped several times for water.  However, at mile 6, something changed and I felt great–all the way up to the end of the run.  I have no idea why I suddenly felt better, but wish this would happen to me sometime in a race, especially around mile 23.

The original route took us a block from our house, so we incorporated a water stop in our driveway.  Knowing there would be cold water and Powerade at mile 7 made a HUGE difference for most of us.  Michael set up the video equipment and asked the group to describe today’s run.


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