101 Degree Run at 7PM

7/26/11 – 4 MILES

25th day of temps over 100 degrees. It was 101 when I left the house. The most depressing thing is, it isn’t even August yet.  Which means, we still have two months of hot weather, maybe even longer.  People always think September will be cooler, but it isn’t.  Not here.  If we’re lucky the mornings will be somewhat cooler.

Ran 4 miles with Bill and the DRC.  Great to see lots of familiar faces.  As for the run, it helped knowing we weren’t alone in the heat.  Someone brought beer afterwards, and that helped a lot as well.

These runs are just plain physically tough.

Stats:  4 miles @ 9:47 pace, 2.5 walk in the morning with the dogs


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