98 Degrees at 7PM Run

7/20/11 – 6 MILES

Woke up to a sore throat and asthma.  I know this feeling well, especially this time of year.  When the temperature stays close to 100 degrees, it gets a little humid, and there’s very little breeze to blow the pollution away, it affects me.

When we left the house, at 6:35PM, it was 98 degrees.  I’ve been feeling puny all day and knew I would struggle during the run, but this was one of the worst runs I’ve had all summer.  At the end of the third mile, just before the water stop and the turn around, I was already out of juice.  We ran from the Bath House to the Garland Rd. water fountain at the lake, and it was much sunnier than I thought it would be.

The second half of the run was just plain miserable.  I had no energy and my legs were like bricks.  I’ve been trying to lose a few pounds and have been cutting back on the carbs, and it had a dramatic effect on my energy level.  I also had to use my inhaler around lunchtime, and it’s possible I didn’t drink enough water during the day.  All of that coupled with a 98 degree temperature equals one miserable run.

Stats:  6 miles @ 9:48 pace

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