Cross-Training: Yoga

7/22/11 – YOGA

Still felt under the weather today so I decided to try a new yoga video I bought some time ago, Yoga Conditioning for Athletes (with Rodney Yee, Gaiam). It was exactly what I needed.

Before I was a runner, I was a walker.  I used to walk 3-4 miles most days after work, then come home and do 20 minutes of yoga with Rodney Yee.  I loved walking (still do), but the yoga workout was my true favorite.

When I started running almost six years ago, I pretty much stopped doing anything but run.  I still walk, though mostly if there’s a dog attached to a leash in my hand.  I’ve been easing my way back into yoga now, after six years of telling myself I was going to, and for the first time today I feel as if I’m getting back some of my flexibility.

Aside from the stretching and lengthening of shortened muscles from running, I simply feel great after a yoga workout.

The Gaiam yoga videos are my favorites, especially the ones with Rodney Yee.  Here are the videos I use the most:

  1. P.M. Yoga – very relaxing
  2. Stress Relief Yoga – gentle, easy stretches
  3. Power Yoga for Flexibility – also includes PY for Strength and Stamina, both good workouts
  4. Yoga Conditioning for Athletes – great for runners
  5. Yoga Burn – somewhat challenging
  6. Ali Macgraw: Yoga Mind and Body (this is not a Gaiam DVD, but is a great workout)

Here’s a good article on Yoga as Cross-Training.

Stats:  Yoga – Conditioning for Athletes DVD – 1 hr


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