If I Had Known There Were Going to be Hills . . .

7/27/11 – 4 MILES

The training plan called for 6 miles.  The 103 degree temperature outside called for 4.

After last night’s brutal 4 miler at the lake, coupled with three weeks of lousy Wednesday night 6 milers in progressively higher temps, I decided to back off and run 4.  I can make up the extra miles on Friday–or not.

I’ve also been doing yoga pretty consistently, and can feel it in my legs.  My left quad is a little sore, and my legs feel heavy.  It almost feels like I’ve been doing weights, which is good.  Doing more yoga may make me slower right now, but in the end it will make me stronger.  And more relaxed.  And more flexible.

If I had known we were going to run down to the lake (which means back up to the car), I wouldn’t have run.  I was grumpy about running in 103 degree heat, but running uphill for 2 miles did me in.  I walked .4 miles on the way back.

Dinner afterwards at Fuzzy’s to wish Trey adieu.  He is moving to a new teaching job in Colorado.  I’m jealous.  I would love to live in Colorado–and run there.  It’s cool there. And beautiful.

As my daughter’s friend Jeff said when visiting Dallas last summer:  Dallas is where the Devil goes on vacation.

Tomorrow:  REST DAY!  No running, no yoga, nada.  Yeah!

(I put the photo of me hiking in the snow in Yellowstone because it makes me happy to know there is something cold somewhere in the world this summer.)

Stats:  Run – 4 mi @ 9:42 pace, 103 degree heat, Yoga – 20 min. Power Yoga/Flexibility DVD


  1. MikeW

    Had to like this post. Looking forward to the days after your port comes out, and you’re healing is complete. Looking forward to reading about your runs after that, your new beginnings, your new insights as you train, and celebrating! Until then, I’ll bet your reading list is getting shorter.

    • Mind Margins

      I’m looking forward to running hills again. Actually, it is difficult to read much, especially during chemo when the drugs take a toll on my brain power.

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