11 Mile Long Run

7/30/11 – 11 MILES

A good sized group showed up at Fuzzy’s for our 11 mile long run.  It was 78 degrees at the 6AM start, and more humid than it has been in weeks.  I think we were all just glad it wasn’t 103 degrees, like Wednesday evening’s run.  I had slept horribly last night and hoped it wouldn’t affect my run too terribly.  I couldn’t fall asleep and tossed and turned all night.  I probably didn’t get more than a few hours of sleep in all.

Bill and I were determined to hold back the first few miles, which is hard to do when you’re running down to the lake.  I felt much better than Wednesday night, when I had to make multiple stops because of the heat.

I’m glad to notice I’m starting to feel stronger, especially on the hills.  Maybe all the yoga is helping.  For the first time in a long time, ran all the way through Lakewood from the lake to Abrams without stopping.  Woot!  Ran across Joyce, who had just rolled her ankle and had to call Norm to come pick her up.  Ouch.

I ran with Heather W. down Swiss and it was nice to pick up the pace a little.  We didn’t say much, and it was tough not to stop at the mile 7 water stop on the other side of Swiss where our faster friends were already gathered.  We made ourselves complete the Swiss Ave loop, and finally we were back at the water stop.  The cold water was a gift from heaven (though I couldn’t muster the cold water down my back and chest like Genevieve).  I could’ve stayed there much longer.

Running up the last little part of Swiss was tough, but running up Concho was even tougher.  We were all ready to be done by the time we got to Mercedes, and took a much needed water break.  I had forgotten to take a GU at mile 7, so I went ahead and ate one, at Bill’s urging.

The hill on Malcolm surprised us all, and finally we turned on Hillside, our home stretch.  Seeing the traffic light on Abrams (our finish line) from the top of the hill was sweet, and we all finished strong.  All in all, Bill and Genevieve had a much better run than last week, my legs felt a little more tired, but we were done!  Steph brought towels in ice water and Genevieve brought homemade sorbet ice cream.  Nice way to finish!

Stats:  11 miles @ 9:38 pace – 78 deg @ start, 82 deg at finish

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