When Humid 88 Degree Heat Feels Like Spring

8/2/11 – 6 MILES

Got my lazy butt out of bed early this morning so I could get in my 6 mile run before the supposed Hottest Day of the Year began.  Yesterday’s temperature of 107 broke the record, and today the high is expected to be 108-110.  I knew that running in the evening wasn’t an option, and the Tuesday night DRC run was officially cancelled because of the heat, so it was either get up and run early or hit the treadmill at the gym later in the day.

Treadmill = shoot me now.

So that means I’m getting up at 6AM.  It was actually a good run.  After weeks of evening runs at 101-103 degrees, the early morning humid 88 degree weather really did feel like spring.  At first there weren’t a lot of other people running in my neighborhood, but once the sun came up people started appearing like humans submerging from their homes in a zombie movie.

I still have a slight nagging soreness in my left quad (from yoga, I think) and the usual tendonitis in my left inner ankle that pops up when I start upping my mileage.  Other than that, it was nice to run in the early hours of the neighborhood for a change.

Stats:  6.11 miles @ 9:34 pace – 89 degrees at the finish 

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