Coyote Run

8/4/11 – 4 MILES

Setting the alarm for 4:45AM to get up and run makes me grumpy.  Especially when the reason for getting up at such an unholy hour is to stay out of the heat, knowing that it’s still going to be close to 90 degrees at 5:30AM.  And not going to sleep until midnight doesn’t help either.

Complaining about the heat this summer is starting to lose its appeal.  This has been going on since the first week of May.  I know I need to be strong and resilient, and not think about it, and just run.  But really.  This.  Is.  Ridiculous.

Met Bill, Nikki, Dawn, and Giovanni at the Comerica bank on Mockingbird/Abrams at 5:30AM and ran two miles down Alderson and Swiss to Skillman.  Along the way we saw a dog running towards us off leash.  As it got closer we realized it was a coyote!  In the middle of my neighborhood!  In the middle of the city!  I’ve seen–and heard–them down at the lake several times and have to wonder if they are coming up from the lake to hunt in the neighboring streets at night for small game.

It was another tough run, mostly because of the humidity.  It was like trying to breathe through a straw.  We powered through.  Running up the last block of Swiss felt like running up Flagpole Hill.

Personal realization:  I carried my water bottle with the hand strap and have decided I hate the weight.  I’ll look dorky and wear a fuel belt in the future.

Got home and walked both dogs 2.5 miles–and Michael slept through it all.  But then he went to work–and I didn’t.

Stats:  Run – 4 miles @ 9:46 pace, Walk – 2.5 miles


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