Going Insane from the Heat

8/16/11 – 6 MILES

Got up at 4AM for yesterday’s run.  I looked for an excuse to bail on my friends.  Got up anyway and let the dogs out.  Not happy.  It was muggy and hot.


Met Bill, Bryan, Shannon, Heather W, and Steph at the dog park at 5AM.  Shannon said her car showed 88 degrees.  I was extremely grumpy.

The run was uneventful but slightly out of my comfort zone, a true tempo run for this time of year when I struggle to keep my pace in the heat.  There was no breeze and everyone was very quiet.  Talking about our misery just makes it worse.

On the positive side, saw a beautiful sunrise when I walked the dogs at 6:30AM.

Stats:  6 miles @ 9:34 pace – 88 degrees at 5AM; 2 mile walk with the dogs

8/27/11 – 4.23 MILES

Set the alarm for 6AM to get up and run 4 miles on my own.  Hit the snooze twice then gave up.

I just didn’t feel like getting up to run in the heat.


Woke up two hours later feeling guilty, knowing I would have to run in the evening when it was even warmer.

The heat is definitely getting to me.  Today I schlepped around the house not feeling like doing anything.  To say I’m tired of the summer is a gross understatement.  The hardest part is that there is no break.  The heat is grinding me down, day after day, unrelentingly.  I truly feel as if I could go insane from this heat.

Talked Michael into running with me in the dark.  It was still hot.


Stats:  4.23 miles @ 9:23 pace – 99 degrees at 8:15PM


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