Welcome Back, Humidity

9/17/11 – 16 MILES

Saturday’s long run was a humid mess of moistness.  The temperature started out at 73 degrees, but with the humidity at 78% it didn’t seem all that cool.  The worst was the way the air felt so thick.  I could tell what a difference it made after our weeks of humidity in the teens.

Bill surprised Heather and me with an autographed copy of a new running book by Adam Goucher (aka Mr. Kara Goucher) and Tim Catalano called Running the Edge.  We squealed like little girls and couldn’t wait to get home and read it.  I seriously considered ditching the long run so I could start reading the book.

Before I could think twice, we were off, headed towards our usual route down to the lake.  The mornings are definitely darker now, and I thought about remembering to wear light colored clothing from now on.  We ran along the lake for a couple of miles, then headed up out of Lakewood.  Heather, who battled a cold all week and was running under the influence of  Sudafed, said we were running too fast for the start, and she was right.  We paid the price the last few miles.  They were torture.

After Lakewood, it was a new route through familiar neighborhoods: M Streets, Katy Trail, and Highland Park (where the police were obligingly parked and watching us from their black SUV to make sure we stayed on their sidewalks). We continued around the country club, through University Park, through SMU campus, past the Katy Trail for water, then back up the dreaded hill at Longview, then Anita, to Fuzzy’s.

The humidity was brutal and the route felt like we were always running uphill, but it was nevertheless nice to run a new route.  I was so glad to be done.  Why aren’t these long runs getting any easier?????

Heather, Bill, and I all decided that next week we are going to start off much slower and then pick up the speed as we go along.  We’ve been saying this from the beginning . . .

Afterwards, over tacos and beer, Chris pulled out his boxes and we all purchased and tried on our new WRRC (White Rock Running Co-op)/RUN FREE tech shirts.  It will be way cool to wear them in the future.  The club is slowly growing, and that’s a good thing.

*** Just now looking at the weather stats for Saturday, I noticed the humidity level actually went up from 78% to 85% by the end of our run.  One more reason, perhaps, why the run was so difficult . . .

Stats:  16 miles @ 9:40 pace


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