50K Training, Week 2

Another great week of training in the books.  Since we’re following a hard week/easy week plan, this was our first easy week. The core/strength workouts are starting to pay off, and I can feel how much stronger I am this week than last. Most importantly, I had my first official trail run–and loved it.

MON: Rest – Did nothing athletic. Zilch. Nada. And loved every minute of it.

TUE: Run – 4 mi/incl speedwork + core/strength workout, Yoga – 40:00 – Went 15 min early and got in a mile before the group’s 2 mile warm up so I wouldn’t have to run it alone at the end (and to beat the heat). I didn’t run the speedwork laps quite as fast as last week (8:04 as opposed to last week’s 7:57), mainly because I don’t want to get injured. Whereas last week I could barely do three pushups, this week I could do eight in a row. That’s still pretty puny, but it’s a start. I definitely felt stronger. Went home and did yoga: Forward Bends and Twists.

WED: Run – 4 mi easy, Yoga – 20:00 – Yoga (Back Bends) in the morning, then met the running group for the Run My Hood hosted by Ann Marie and Greg in their neighborhood at 7:00pm. The skies were dark when we left home, but it was mostly just hellaciously humid and hot. I was glad Bill, Hari, and I only ran an easy 4 miles. Mexican food and beer afterwards was the reward. Came home to a disaster zone one block from our house, with leaves covering the ground and broken car windshields and house roofs. The culprit: softball-sized hail. We were lucky to have missed that by a block!

THU: Run – 4 mi/hills, Yoga – 20:00 Ran the hilly path at the lake by myself at 6:30am. Despite the heat and humidity, kept up a fairly good pace (9:08 average). Running hills is one of my favorite workouts. Came home and did yoga: Forward Bends.

White Rock Trail

FRI: Core/strength workout, Yoga – 20:00 – Running rest day. Did core and strength exercises from the Tom Holland Marathon Method book, then yoga: Hip Openers. I’m actually starting to look forward to crunches and planks. Sick.

SAT: Run – 4 mi – Run My Hood hosted by Hari in Allen. Only ran 4 easy miles, but it was very humid and warm and we walked some. Great breakfast afterwards with the group. Decided not to do yoga and rested instead.

SUN: Trail Run – 6 mi, Yoga – 20:00 – Our first trail run! Ran at Rockledge at Lake Grapevine at 7:00am, joined by Melissa, Julie, and Susan. Met three women in the parking lot also doing their first trail run, so we had a good group. It was nice and cool on the trail, but Bill tripped over a rock and fell at mile 1.7 and I tripped over a root and fell to my knees at mile 1.85. It was hard work, but fun. We were all exhausted and felt like we had run at least 10 miles instead of 6. I was nodding off on the couch before 9:00pm.

STATS for WEEK 2: Run – 22.3 miles, Yoga – 2:00:00, 2 core/strength workouts

NEXT WEEK: Another relatively easy week since Heather is out of town.


  1. iRuniBreathe

    Great to hear Angela! Sounds like it’s going really well. I know it’s early but the same things will apply in 2 months as now. Keep mentally focussed, injury-free and well-rested. Glad you are incorporating the yoga and core so much. You know this helps!

    • Mind Margins/Run Nature

      I do know it helps, but this week my body is feeling the adjustment to so much training. I feel tired and sluggish, and a little grumpy. It’s all to be expected. I need to make sure I get enough rest to counter all the workouts. Yoga has been great; core is kicking my butt!

      • iRuniBreathe

        I had someone remind me that rest/recovery is just as much a part of training as the tempo runs, long runs, etc. You need to actively not-do! (I really struggle with this one. I’d way rather slog through junk miles than take a break, even if my body is screaming for it. Dumb brain.)

      • Mind Margins/Run Nature

        I’ve actually always been a firm believer in the importance of total rest days. Part of my problem is adjusting to running 5 days instead of 4, doing speedwork once a week, incorporating two days of core and strength workouts, and adjusting to our summer heat. Oh, and doing a trail run once a week. And not getting enough sleep. My training has been wildly inconsistent this past year, so it’s my own fault! My body is just letting me know I need to pay attention.

      • iRuniBreathe

        I find it really ups the ante when you go from 4 days to 5. Heat, speedwork, core,… those are all different stressors. 🙂
        Lack of sleep is definitely my downfall.

      • Mind Margins/Run Nature

        5 days makes a huge difference for me as well, but I never ran better than when I ran 5 days a week for Boston. I’ve always been more of a night owl, so making myself go to bed earlier has been tough. I think it will just take time . . .

  2. runwritelivelife

    Wow you GO girl! Great stats and way to keep up.

    5 days a week is tough and I hope to work my way to that eventually. Speaking of trail runs…..I’ve been doing that once a week with my group (4-6 miles) and it’s been fun and a nice change in the routine (and scenery). Definitely takes a lot more out of you.

    • Mind Margins/Run Nature

      Are you doing the Norbuck run on Tuesday nights? I’ve been wanting to join in, but I do a core/strength + track workout at SMU that morning, and there’s no way I could make it up that hill at Norbuck by evening!

      • runwritelivelife

        Yes, we meet at Norbuck but yeah, I agree, it would be too much to do in one day if you’re getting a workout in that same morning. Need to space out the workouts!

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