Big Cedar Trail Run: the Tetons of Cedar Hill, TX

This Sunday’s trail run took us to the Tetons of Cedar Hill, TX. I grew up not far from there, and knew there were some good hills in the area, but was surprised at just how challenging this run would turn out to be. Except for one short section (Dragonfly) through the woods, where the trail was soft and quiet and level, there was nothing flat about the trail. The hills were very steep, and just walking up the hills took quite a bit of effort. There were a lot of loose rocks, but thankfully not as many roots as last week’s trail run at Grapevine.

Despite the challenges of running on such steep hills (which made me realize how much more I need to strengthen my quads and calves), the miles flew by. It was very rugged and woodsy, and despite the number of cars and mountain bikers we saw in the parking lot, we didn’t see one single bike on the trails the entire morning. It felt like we were running in hill country around Austin, and hard to believe we were 30 minutes from Dallas.

I had one small fall at mile 1, and scuffed up my new sunglasses, but no blood. I almost tripped twice going down steep hills, but managed to catch myself both times. I really need to work on picking up my feet more.

Running Big Cedar was a tough way to finish off a difficult week of running, but I have to admit I felt great when it was done!

Final thoughts about the trail: who needs core and strength workouts when you run trails this steep?

Here’s our short video from before and after the run:


  1. iRuniBreathe

    Running hills is such an easy way to get stronger. It involves suffering, yes, but it works.
    It’s great to hear you are feeling good when done. It’s important to have a reward after all that work!

    • Mind Margins/Run Nature

      I actually love running hills, and would much rather do that than speedwork on a track, but these trails were nonstop steep hills. Sometimes the best reward is simply the satisfaction of finishing a hard run.

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