Fourth of July Trail Run Video: Overheard Conversations

Early on the morning of the Fourth of July, a large group of runners converged at Rowlett Creek Preserve for a 6 mile trail run. It was hot and steamy, but everyone had a great time.

Still bruised and scabbed from Sunday’s trail run, I celebrated staying on my feet the entire run.

It was a good day.


  1. A Wanderer

    Love the video addition. I completely understand the girl who said she curses when running when she never would otherwise. I can\’t think of any other time that I curse except going up steep hills on bikes or running.

    I remember running with my cousin in Rowlett when I still considered my self an anti-runner. I seem to remember hating every moment but I suspect if I went back now, I would rather enjoy it because I could enjoy the beauty more than the pain.

    Yay! No more bruises.

    • Mind Margins/Run Nature

      Wanderer!!! Where have you been hiding yourself? I love that you picked up on the cursing comment. She was cussing up a storm yesterday because of the heat, and we had a long conversation today about how her inner sailor comes out when she’s struggling in a run.

      • A Wanderer

        Who knew that so many of us had a hidden Sailor! Thankfully it remains hidden most of the time.

        I haven’t been travelling for work as much lately and so my time reading blogs has gone down exponentially. Plus I have been throwing myself into this whole train for a marathon thing. I refuse to fail this time! I feel badly though because I also really enjoy reading what you (and others) have to say.

      • Mind Margins/Run Nature

        And I really always enjoyed reading your blog. I want to read about your marathon training! What marathon? How’s the training going? I do understand how life can intervene with our running and reading blogs!

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