50K Training, Week 5

Another great week of training. Despite the high temps and extreme humidity in the mornings, I managed to get in all my runs and strength workouts. Even better, I had two trail runs this week and stayed on my feet the entire time. I could really feel how much stronger I felt on the trails, and felt more confident about my footing and stability on the rocks, roots, stumps, and other assorted hindrances that seem to jump out at me when I run. The strength training has a lot to do with feeling stronger on the trails, but consistent training still probably makes the biggest difference of all in training.

WRRC running group

MON: Yoga (standing poses and hip openers) – 40:00 – Running rest day. My legs felt surprisingly great after yesterday’s 14 mile trail run, but I did feel fatigued when I woke up. I can also feel the tendons in my lower legs, near the ankles, that are adjusting to be used so much in running. My knees don’t look as bad as I thought they would today after falling twice on the trail run. I dreamed of trail running last night.

TUE: Run – 4 mi, core/strength workout, yoga (twists) – 20:00 – The day started out worrisome with a strange tweak in my left leg, just above the knee (I actually first felt it Monday afternoon). Everything disappeared during my first mile on the track, so I guess it just needed to be loosened up. Very humid, but despite the fact that my body feels fatigued from Sunday’s trail run, it was a great workout. The repeats on the track felt easy, and it was my fastest overall average. My first strength workout a month ago I could barely do 3 push ups; today I did 15 without stopping.

WED: Trail RunRowlett6 mi, yoga (back bends)– 20:00 – Great early 4th of July trail run with a huge group of friends. First trail run where I did not fall down! I really needed to have a fall-free trail run after falling twice on Sunday. Barely made it through my yoga workout because I was so sleepy from two very early days. Spent the rest of the day almost entirely on the couch, napping and catching up on the Olympic Trials. I’m not much of a couch potato, but I really needed this lazy day!

WRRC running group

THU: Run – 4.4 mi/hills, upper/lower body/abs strength workout – 47:00, yoga (forward bends) – 20:00 – Met Bill and Hari for our Thursday morning hill run, and added on a few extra hills. Felt strong the entire run. Muddled through arms, legs, and abs weight training at home, then some relaxing yoga. I love finishing up on Thursdays mornings because I know I have tomorrow off. I love running, but I do also look forward to my rest days!

FRI: Yoga (sun salutations and hip openers) – 35:00 – Running rest day – Woke up feeling very fatigued. Decided to do some sun salutations and hip openers to stretch out and prepare for another hard weekend of running. 16 miles on Sunday makes me scared.

SAT: Run – 6 mi – Plano – Great run with the WRRC running group. Another hilly route, but I felt strong  despite the incredible humidity. A dip in Lauren’s pool afterwards, plus breakfast and mimosas with the crew, was again the best part of the run. Feeling nervous about tomorrow’s 16 miler at Northshore.

SUN: Trail Run -16 mi – Grapevine – Tough run, but we got it done. Heat, high humidity, getting lost the last 4 miles, and struggling with the heat were the main obstacles of the day, but I felt strong most of the run. I didn’t fall, and can tell I’m generally stronger and more confident on the trails. All in all, for me, an excellent run.

Postrun Swim

This is the ONLY way to recover from a summer run in Texas.

STATS for WEEK 5: Run – 36.6 miles, Yoga – 2:15:00, 2 Core/Strength workouts



  1. iRuniBreathe

    Great work! Glad to hear you had a fall-free trail run, and that you are still so consistent with your workouts. Your overall strength is showing as your body can do more and more. Pretty soon 16 mi will be a short run.

    • Mind Margins/Run Nature

      I’m finding it’s true what they say about trail running: it’s much easier on your body. I’m not sore at all today after yesterday’s 16 miler, other than some general fatigue. That’s certainly a nice change from my usual pounding out the miles on the pavement.

      • iRuniBreathe

        It’s true that trail running is easier, and it’s actually a better workout. It’s not so linear and muscle specific — you use more of your whole body as you twist and turn (and stay upright) on the trails. I love the feeling of working hard trail running, but not feeling like I’ve been worked over.

      • Mind Margins/Run Nature

        It really is such an incredible workout, and it’s amazing how your body adapts so quickly. I couldn’t believe how tough it was the first time I ran at Grapevine three weeks ago, but yesterday it seemed fairly easy. It’s such a satisfying feeling afterwards, when you run trails.

    • Mind Margins/Run Nature

      Thank you! This is the toughest training plan I’ve ever followed, and the mileage looked daunting before I started. You just add on the miles, week after week, and hope it’s enough to get you through the race. I’ve never run 31 miles, so I want to be ready!

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