50K Training, Week 19: Salvaging What I Can

It was my last full training week before the race next weekend. After losing seven consecutive training runs over a two week period while I was sick and recovering, I had my doubts about being able to run the race. Even though everyone told me I would be ready, I’m stubborn enough to know I have to convince myself first.

MON: Rest Day, Yoga (20:00)- After a two week layoff, I ran 9 miles on Saturday and 8.6 on Sunday on the trails. Today I am as sore as if I ran a marathon. I’m having serious doubts about being able to run 31 miles when 9 miles hurt as much as it did on Saturday. Yoga helped (forward bends) to loosen up the legs.

TUE: Rest Day – Couldn’t find anyone to run with this morning so I decided to give the legs another day of rest. It’s sad that I didn’t have the mental resolve to run alone. But my legs are still sore (whine whine).

WED: Run – 6 mi, Yoga (1:20:00)  – Met Liz and Hari at 6am for a run at the lake. We kept it nice and slow, then I came home and did a long segment of yoga to try and get my conditioning back up to par for the race.

Photo of White Rock Lake courtesy of Tamara Beltz Adamson, Dallas runner, cyclist, and early morning lake photographer extraordinaire

THU: Run – 6 mi, Yoga (25:00) – Met Liz, Bill, and Todd at the lake again at 6am. Liz and I ran ahead of the men and decided to make it a tempo run. My legs felt great and the pace got progressively faster each mile. Came home and did a new yoga workout with lots of sun salutations. The tempo run was so great I feel hopeful about running the 50K–and making it to the end. It’s also nice to know there’s a 12 hour cut off. God help me if I’m still out on the course that long!

FRI: Rest Day, Yoga (35:00) – Definitely feeling the effects of yesterday’s tempo run, so I did 35 minutes of easy yoga to stretch out.

SAT: Run – 15 mi – A very humid, warm run this morning. I think everyone struggled on this one, whether they ran 10, 15, or 18 miles. I know I did. My legs felt strong, but I felt incredibly fatigued the last three miles. Part of it was the humidity and running back up out of Turtle Creek, and some of it may be the remnants of being sick for two weeks. It’s good to know it was a tough day for everyone. If it doesn’t rain tonight Hari and I will do our last trail run tomorrow morning before next weekend’s race.

SUN: Rest Day, Yoga – (20:00)- It stormed in the middle of the night, just like predicted, and our trail run got rained out. Normally I would probably have gone ahead and ran (the storm was short), but I didn’t want to risk slipping and sliding in the mud and doing more damage to the ribs. I was sore from yesterday’s run anyway, so I did yoga instead (forward bends) and took an extra rest day. Since I am officially tapering, and want to have fresh legs, I’m trying not to be too hard on myself for not going ahead and running in the mud.

All in all it was a good week of running, and I did a lot of yoga to both work my core and stretch out my legs after the runs. I’m not happy that I feel sore after Saturday’s 15 miler, and it tells me that running 31 miles in a week is going to be tougher than I trained for, but it is what it is. Time to start mentally preparing for the race.

STATS for WEEK 19: Run – 27 miles, Yoga – 3:20:00



  1. sahbinahvioletflynn

    It’s great that you are using yoga as a restorative…great for your body, but don’t forget that the breath and mind work are good for your attitude (which sounds upbeat and ready);o) Keep on digging it out; you’re inspiring!

    • Mind Margins/Run Nature

      Yoga is my favorite part of my day, and I was doing it years before I ever started running. I encourage everyone I know, athlete or not, to add it to your life. I agree with you, the breath and mind work are probably more important than the stretching. Yoga is amazing.

  2. Julie

    I really think you will be just fine this weekend for your race. It’s going to be cool (almost cold!) down in the canyon starting out and for me anyway, that gives me so much pep in my legs. Going into a race a little undertrained is WAY better than overtrained and tired. You will do great! Hope to see you out there. 🙂

    • Mind Margins/Run Nature

      I hope those cool temps hold for the race. It can never be cold enough for me when I run. I’m so excited to run in the canyon again! Please do look for me, especially afterwards. I’ll probably be sprawled out in the dirt somewhere close to the food!

  3. Christina Hughes Babb

    just remember to run the first three or four hours very slow. after that, you won’t have to try to run slow. and have fun! it’s about what you’ve done over the last several months, not the last couple of weeks that will get you through!

  4. AndrewGills

    I reckon you’re going to.surprise yourself on the day when you smash out the 50km 🙂

  5. iRuniBreathe

    I’m so inspired to hear you are still going — and going strong. Your mind is stronger than your legs and you have trained really, really well. Trust the process and trust your breath. I agree that under-training is better than over-training: you may surprise yourself out there, I’m sure it’s happened before.
    Take time to look around as well. I’ll be thinking of you!

    • Mind Margins/Run Nature

      And I’m inspired by your recent marathon performance. There’s nothing I can do this week that will make any difference, other than get my mind in the right place and start thinking through the race. The hard part is done. I’ll be ready for some fun!!!

  6. gtarallo

    I will be rooting for you! I just know that your determination and months of training will take you through this run. You will do a great job!!

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