Jemez 50K Training, Week 3: Settling Back Into a Routine

It was a very good running week. I managed to get in 38 miles and some solid yoga sessions. The asthma and coughing that have plagued me since early October are also much better, and I’ve enjoyed having my son’s girlfriend stay with us before she flies off to join him in Brazil at the end of the week. Most of all, after the craziness of Christmas, company, our wedding, and illness, it’s nice to settle back into a regular training routine. It helps having great friends to keep you motivated and inspired!

MON: Run  – 3 mi – Well, it’s a start. Usually Mondays are my rest day, but since my mileage has been so low, and because the weather was gorgeous, I decided to do an easy 3 miles from the house just before sunset. I was Garmin-free and ran on feel, which I’m trying to do more of. For someone who tends to be a slave to their watch, running without a Garmin is not easy. I loved the freedom of not caring what pace I kept. Legs felt good —  lungs not so much — but I made it back home to my inhaler and a cold Texas beer with dinner!

TUE: Pace Run 4 mi, Yoga 20:00 – Ran with Liz from the spillway for one of my fastest paced runs since Christmas. It feels great to be picking up the pace again.

WED: Hill Run 6 mi, Yoga – 20:00 – Met Liz for a hilly path run on the east side of the lake. Legs felt great and we kept a good pace. I really do love running a hilly path rather than a flat course (which is another reason I love the variety of trail running). Came home and did yoga with Nicole (back bends), then met the WRRC running group for a two mile run/walk for Nicole’s second run ever. She did great once again!

THU: REST DAY – Since Nicole will be leaving us in a week to join Nick in Brazil, we did important girl things to prepare for her trip. We got our nails done, had lunch, went shopping at Target, and bought some things at the grocery store. Living in a foreign country is not easy, and you have to make sure you stock up on American essentials like peanut butter and popcorn to take with you. I’m going to miss having another girl in the house (except for the dogs) when she’s gone.

FRI: Yoga – 20:00 – Did a session of hip openers with Nicole since she’s been having some pain in her groin muscle after running the other night. My coughing is MUCH better, finally!


Our awesome Saturday morning running group at the first water stop.                                    *photo courtesy of Paris Sunio

SAT: Long Run – 12.14 mi, Yoga – 20:00 – It was a refreshingly misty, overcast, cool morning for a run with our largest group ever. When I saw the dog’s muddy footprints in the kitchen and the 91% humidity on the weather channel, I was not feeling exactly stoked about the run, but it turned out to be perfect running conditions. I was still feeling a little grumpy up through mile 9, but I got a second wind afterwards and felt great on the hills coming up off the lake. It was great, as always, to share breakfast and funny stories with my favorite running friends, including Susan, Kurt, and Hari, who came out despite their broken body parts (ring finger, pinky finger, and rib). Came home and did yoga (forward bends), which was just what I needed.

SUN: Trail Run10.21 mi – Rowlett Creek Preserve – I was seriously grumpy driving over to this morning’s trail run in Rowlett. I was feeling the two glasses of wine I had at dinner with friends the night before (even if it was followed up by roller skating), and the thick fog surrounding me in pitch darkness didn’t exactly scream Let’s run! Of course, all was forgotten once I got on the trails. The fog kept things cool and refreshing, and it was a completely different experience in the heavy fog. The trail wasn’t exactly muddy, but it was slick enough to cause me concern, especially on the steep downhills. I love my Brooks Pure Grit trail shoes, but they have no grip and are very slippery on wet surfaces. (This will only give me an excuse to purchase another pair of shoes.)

A hearty breakfast of eggs, sausage, hash browns, and biscuits and gravy with good friends you’ve gotten muddy with on the trails was the perfect way to end the week. After keeping my mileage so low this entire month while I was sick, I was a little concerned about doing back-to-back 12/10 milers, but my legs felt great both days. This has been my highest mileage week in over a month, and I’m happy to get back on track with my training.

Stats for WEEK 3: Run – 38 miles, Yoga – 1:20:00




  1. iRuniBreathe

    You jumped back in like you had never been away: 38 weekly miles is not a little jaunt! So glad to hear you are doing better. I’ve been running much more by feel (and solo) lately as recommended by my coach. The Garmin always comes with me, but I barely look at it. I find it a lot less stressful and it’s liberating. Some days are slow-slow and some days feel effortless at a faster pace. My Achilles and Plantar Fasciitis are finally turning a corner so I was thrilled to finally be able to get an hour-run in this weekend.

    • Mind Margins/Run Nature

      I’m surprised I feel as great as I do. I did feel extremely fatigued after the trail run, but the legs felt good (which is the most important — feeling tired means I have an excuse to veg out on the couch afterwards!). I’m so glad your Achilles and plantars feels better. Plantars is one of those things that everyone I know has had at some point through the years. After a horrible bout of it a few years ago that lasted over a year (I just ran through it), I switched to minimal shoes and it never come back. You’ll probably find that you’ll eventually get everything (IT band, piriformis, hamstring, shin splints, etc) at some time or another. I’m becoming a believer in 1-2 races per year and recovery time afterwards. The 10% rule RULES, too!

      • iRuniBreathe

        My coach has scheduled naps for me as part of my training. I think I just go and go and go and then things fall apart and injuries pop up. I never really rest/recover enough along the way.
        I also think having goal races is key, and if you want more than a few goals you just “train through” the races.
        I run in more minimalist shoes now, but need to remember to do things gradually. Going from full orthotic support to none for a 13 mile run is not really gradual. I’m certainly learning quickly.
        Glad the legs felt good. That’s so important!

      • Mind Margins/Run Nature

        Ha! From orthotics to 13 miles in minimalist shoes? You sound as stubborn as all the rest of us! You really do have to ease into the minimalist shoes.
        I have never been a napper. I have to be almost comatose before I can sleep during the day. Apparently I’ve always been that way, even when I was a kid. (I might miss something!!!!!) Maybe I need to add naps to my training plan, like you. Great idea. The longer I run the more I understand the importance of rest, easy running days, and slowing down on the long runs.

      • iRuniBreathe

        I could never do the “sleep when your baby sleeps” thing easier. And I outright laughed when I was told to nap on certain days. But, lo and behold, fall asleep and nap I did. No training required. I am way more tired than I even think I am.
        It’s not just the long runs in isolation either, I’m finding. But the accumulation of the week’s runs and other exercise.

  2. Jenny Turnage

    So glad to hear you had a great week running again …. and especially glad to hear your health is better. To run 38 weekly miles is very impressive!
    What color shoes this time? I keep looking for orange ones. No luck but I did find hot pink down here in Florida.
    Happy Trails to you, Angela. 😀

    • Mind Margins/Run Nature

      My newest trail shoes are a very blah brown (they were on sale), but I just ordered a pair of hot pink ones that are less slippery on wet surfaces. Also, I just bought a new pair of street shoes that are bright lime green. Can’t wait to take those babies out for a spin!

  3. runwritelivelife

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better! That was indeed a long bout with your asthma and other stuff. Hope you keep feeling good!
    On a related note, I’ve been meaning to incorporate more trail running but seems like getting to those areas requires a lot of driving! Anything (relatively) close by that you can suggest?

    • Mind Margins/Run Nature

      I avoided trails for years because of the long drives, but it really isn’t that bad. Most of the trails are 45 min to an hour away, and the traffic is always light on an early Sunday morning. Even the traffic afterwards is not that bad. The worst part is being so tired after the really long runs and having to drive home. Rowlett Creek Preserve is an easy 35 min drive from Dallas, and even Grapevine is only about 45 min. Oak Cliff has some of my favorite trails, and it’s only 30 min away. Cedar Hill is beautiful, but is a little farther to drive if you’re coming from the north. It’s worth it, though, to get out of the city and into the trees. Come run with us any Sunday!

  4. seetinarun

    What a great week. It must feel wonderful to be back on track. As for Downton, there should be enough from Sunday’s episode for you to discuss to carry you through any long run!!!

  5. MikeW

    That is a nice mileage progression with the yoga recovery interludes. No wonder you said it was a very good week! Inspiring.

  6. Jacki Smith

    I still haven’t decided my Jemez distance…I just did RR50, and I’ll have Grasslands 26.2 in March, so I’ll have the mileage but I’m oh-so-fearful of the elevation. hmmmm, decisions, decisions…..

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