I’ve been running for almost ten years. I’ve run seven marathons (including one trail marathon), nine half marathons, and lots of 15K’s, 10K’s, 5K’s, and one long relay. I like training more than racing, and I like longer runs rather than shorter ones. I hate 5K’s. Half marathons are my favorite. Marathons are hard and I don’t know why I keep running them. I guess it’s a love/hate thing.

I live and train in Dallas, TX. Summers here are hell. Training for fall marathons starts in July. I like to think the heat will make me stronger, but most runs are just really tough. The rest of the year is pretty much ideal for running.

I tried running in my 20’s and hated it. I walked and did yoga after that. Groups of runners would pass me by, talking and laughing, and I was jealous. They made it look so easy. And how could they talk and run at the same time?

I started running when a friend taught me to build up slowly. I eventually became a certified running coach and pace leader with the Dallas Running Club. I loved that time in my life helping runners train for their first marathons.

Now I run mostly with a large group of friends in our own running group, The White Rock Running Co-op (WRRC). White Rock is the inner city lake in our part of East Dallas where we do most of our training.

I used to love running solo; now I can’t imagine running without a group of friends.

I’m not a running expert, and I’m not the fastest person on the road.

I completed my first ultra marathon, The Palo Duro Canyon 50K Trail Run on October 20, 2012. I loved running in the desert, loved the distance, and loved the race.

In May 2013 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After surgery and four tough months of aggressive chemotherapy, I’m now cancer-free. I was very, very lucky.

My only goal for the immediate future is to rebuild my running base. Running after chemo is like starting at minus 25. I’d like to run a half marathon first, then maybe another marathon. We’ll see.

My ultimate goal, however, is to have more fun when I run–anytime, anywhere.

I have a small business, Toasty Strings, where I design and make hand knit scarves, wraps, and blankets. Please feel free to take a look at my shop.

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    • Mind Margins/Run Nature

      Any time! I think most people who’ve done a marathon love the half. The training is not as time consuming, the distance doesn’t leave you as beat up afterwards and recovery is shorter, and when you start to get really tired–it’s over! Halfs are fun; marathons are not.

      • John

        Thank’s Angela. I’ve been reading some horror stories about people’s recovery from a marathon so a half seems more reasonable. But, the marathon is something I think I’ll have to do some time in the future maybe next year, I need to get a lot training under my belt before then though.

      • Mind Margins/Run Nature

        Running a marathon is a big thing, but the recovery doesn’t have to be that terrible. If you’ve trained well and run smart, you’ll mostly just have really sore legs. Stairs are rough for a few days, but it’s possible to be running again in a week. Also, you’ll enjoy not running for a week after the race!

  1. beautystillremains

    I totally agree. A 5k is way to fast for me. Half marathons are the perfect balance.

  2. AthleteAgain

    I just started running in April using the Couch to 5K program. I could tell right away that I’m probably better suited for a 10K. The heat and humidity in July threw me off track for keeping up my running, but I’m back at it again and hoping to complete a 10K in November. Who knows? Maybe a 1/2 Marathon will be in my future next!

    • Mind Margins/Run Nature

      Absolutely! You’re off to a great start. I think most people realize pretty quickly if they’re more suited to shorter or longer distances. It took me three years of running before I felt any urge to run a marathon, and now, four years later, I’m training for a 50K. If you can run a 10K then a half marathon is just a little more training. Looking forward to hearing about your 10K!

  3. gtarallo

    Hi Angela. I am really enjoying your blog!
    I’ve been nominated for Liebster Award and wanted to pay it forward by nominating your blog for one too!

    The Rules:
    1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
    2. Answer the 11 questions the person giving the award has set for you.
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    4. Choose 11 people to award and send them a link to your post. Go to their page and tell them.
    5. No tag backs.

    Happy blogging

  4. Jennipher

    It will be my 1st 50k too. I’m hoping to finish in 8 or 9 hours. I’ve ran the 20k four times at Palo Duro so I’m familiar with the route which is helping the mind games. Good luck & have fun!

    • Mind Margins/Run Nature

      You’re going to do great in the 50K! We ran on the GSL trail over Labor Day, so I’m familiar with at least a small section of the route, but I’m definitely starting to feel nervous. I’m always nervous before marathons, but there’s something about running your farthest distance for the first time–and a first trail race on top of that! I’m excited!

  5. Melissa Joyce

    Hi Angela!

    I’m a fellow runner and saw a post about your blog and upcoming race on Cami Ostman’s Facebook page. I was so inspired by Cami’s “7 Marathons on 7 Continents” book and connected with her on Facebook to tell her so! The thing I was so struck by in Cami’s book was how she saw each race as a life lesson.

    It is so great to now know about you and your training for your 50k through Cami. I’ve done 4 marathons and several halfs, but am completely in awe of you in your training to run a 50k!! Good for you for pushing beyond your already outstanding accomplishments to set this new goal.

    I read that you’ve had a tough go with getting sick here in the final weeks of training. I just wanted to reach out and offer my support and encouragement for the upcoming race. I’ve learned through experience that we are capable more than we imagine. You’ve put in the work, now set your mind to the finish line and GO FOR IT!!!! I’ll be thinking of you and cheering you on from afar!

    Best of luck for a terrific race! I’ll look forward to reading the post about your race experience!



    • Mind Margins/Run Nature

      Thanks so much, Melissa, for reaching out to me before the race! The hard part is done, now I just have to go out there and finish it off. I’ve learned so many lessons through running. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow teaches me! Thanks again for commenting.

  6. harmonyguy

    I see that you run at Oak Cliff Nature Preserve, which I consider to be a running paradise when it’s not full of bikers, which seems to be more and more of the time. (After all, bikers maintain it.) I’ll have to make it a point to get by there more often. Good luck with the long runs!

    • Mind Margins/Run Nature

      OCNP and Cedar Ridge are my favorite trails in the Dallas area. Cedar Ridge doesn’t allow bikes, and the scenery is gorgeous. I don’t mind the bikes. Most riders are very courteous and friendly, and like you said, they maintain the trails. If it weren’t for them we probably wouldn’t have so many trail running options in Dallas. Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Becoming the Best Me

    I know what you mean about being jealous of runners. LOL I am too out of shape to even jog yet but I am working my way towards running. Right now I’m just trying to get in shape and build muscle. I will be following you 🙂

  8. vttrailgirl

    Hey there, I read your comment on Heather’s blog. I wanted to send some love your way. You are always supportive in the blogosphere, and I hope to send a tiny- weeny fraction of that back to you.
    Prayers and blessings,

    • Mind Margins/Run Nature

      Thank you so much, Astrid. I haven’t really “come out” yet to my blogging community about the cancer, but of course I am already writing about it. I may just have to give it a whole new blog of its own! I really appreciate your kind words, and will have to settle for getting my trail running fix vicariously through your blog since I won’t be running for awhile. Trails are out because of the fall risk. Thanks for reaching out!

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