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Nosedive Training: Week 11

9/10/11 – 15 MILES

My training this week took a major nosedive. The much cooler temps coincided with a horrible bout of asthma.  After my Tuesday run with Bill, which I barely stumbled through because of breathing issues, I didn’t feel well enough to run.  I kept telling myself, I’ll run tomorrow, but tomorrow’s asthma was just as bad as the day before’s.  When Friday rolled around and I only had one run under my belt for the entire week, I began to have the unsettling feeling that maybe I wouldn’t be able to pull it together for Tulsa, maybe I would have to bail.

My mileage is very low.  I’m 10 weeks out from the race.  It all depended on today’s 15 mile long run.

It was a great run.  The temperature was around 67 degrees at the start (almost 20 degrees cooler than we’ve had since May!) and it was just a good, all-around run on one of my favorite routes.  I could definitely feel the effects of taking 3 days off from running, but it wasn’t so bad.  I think I can still save my marathon, though it probably won’t be my best time by any long shot.  And you know what?  At this point, after 6 marathons, after Boston, after passing the half century mark, I really don’t care.  I don’t have anything to prove anymore, and it’s okay if I just go out and run the race, do the best I can, and cross the finish line in one piece.

I sound like a broken record, but I’m still working on running for enjoyment and not the end goal.  I miss those days of not being tied to a training plan, the days when I couldn’t wait to get home from work so I could lace up my shoes and head for the lake.  Now it seems I’m always guilt ridden because I’m not sticking to my plan, or my mileage is low, or the heat is beating me down, or whatever.  The fantastic weather we had today reminds me that this is what running is all about, this is how it should feel, to run because it feels great, because it’s a beautiful morning, because my friends are there, and because we can.  What else is there really?

Stats:  15 miles @ 9:39 pace – 67 degrees at the start

A No Energy Run

9/6/11 – 6.4 MILES

It is finally, FINALLY cooler in Dallas! All day I wanted to get in a good run with the beautiful weather, but of course I couldn’t get my lazy butt up out of bed this morning when it was in the 50’s.  I took a short walk at the lake to take some photos for a post, and noticed I had no energy.  I decided to meet up with Bill anyway for a late afternoon loop around the lake to celebrate the cooler temps and get in a nice, easy run.

I struggled from the first steps.  We had to keep slowing ourselves down–which made us feel good–but we had known our “fast legs” would kick in once the weather got cooler.  We were pushing it, but I knew I shouldn’t feel as bad as I did, even at a slighter faster pace.  I felt as if I couldn’t catch my breath, had no energy, and kept getting cold chills as I ran.  My legs wanted to go, but my lungs were holding me back.

At the 4 mile mark, at the dog park, I had to send Bill on his way and turn around on my own.  I considered continuing on to the other side of the lake, but didn’t want to hold Bill back, who was having a good run.  I walked some on the way back, but managed to finish with a 6.4 mile run nevertheless.  The cold chills continued, and I started to get a headache.  I seriously had no energy to run longer than half a mile at a time.

Some thoughts on my downfall:

  1. I have been trying to cut back on my carbs and might have overdone it.  I was trying to eat healthier and get most of my carbs from vegetables and fruit, and cut out rice and pasta and sugar.  I’ve done this before, and it always makes me feel tired.  Maybe trying to cut out so many carbs in the middle of marathon training is kind of a dumb idea.  (You’d think I’d know this by now.)
  2. I think the wind and cooler temps might have dumped some pollen in the air.  Also, the wildfires may have affected the air this afternoon.  I only smelled smoke once on the run, towards the end, but last week ragweed was high.  I rarely have asthma, but something was definitely messing with my breathing.  Running with asthma usually makes my legs feel dead.
  3. We ran at 4:30PM.  Even though it was only 84 degrees or so, way cooler than we’re used to, the sun was still pretty intense that early in the day.  It was noticeably cooler in the shade, but full on sun was tough.

Michael chastised me about my low carb eating (again) and made pasta with red sauce for dinner.  Hopefully it will do the trick and I’ll be back on track tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to some rice next!

Stats:  6.4 miles @ 9:24 pace, 1.6 mile walk