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I Got Mugged, or True Confessions of a Running Shoe Hoarder

Well, I didn’t really get mugged, but it was awfully warm and muggy outside for my runs this week. And my wallet did kind of get mugged because I just dished out a lot of money for some new running shoes.

After being so sore from Sunday’s 10.5 miler I had to take an extra rest day on Tuesday. I ran in the morning on Wednesday when it was still fairly cool (75 degrees) and slightly overcast but, man, was it humid. On Thursday I thought I’d mix things up and run in the evening. It was just as gross. I guess I forgot that I live in north Texas.

One thing that did make the runs extra special fun is that I got to wear a brand new pair of shoes. They’re the same brand I’ve worn for the past two years (Nike Free), but are an older version (3.0). I was ecstatic when I found them on sale online.

I had just about given up on finding any of the old versions, and was starting to get desperate since I definitely do not like the new Free Run. Too much arch, too thick of a sole, and wider than the previous versions, especially in the toe box.

I hate changes like that, when someone feels the need to change something that doesn’t need to be fixed. I have a narrow foot and have always struggled with finding shoes that fit right, especially in the heel. The Frees fit me perfectly. Also, I love how they are seamless. And so light.

So  I did some online research and discovered that Nike does still offer the 5.0 version, but only in the ID version. Which means you get to customize them, choosing your colors and laces, and even having your name or logo printed on the tongue. Of course you pay for it, and what once used to be an expensive $90 for a pair of cheaply made minimal shoes now costs $130 for the same product.

No thanks.

At first I resorted to digging out an old pair from two years ago that probably have more than 600 miles on them and had been relegated to the back of my closet. Then I found the older version online. Extra bonus: they accepted my running group’s 15% discount.

And I did celebrate my birthday two weeks ago, so I felt justified in making a small purchase.

I channeled Imelda Marcos (though I’m pretty sure Nike’s weren’t her style) and bought four pairs. Then a few days later I saw the pink version was on sale for even cheaper, so I ordered four more pairs.

I just bought EIGHT PAIRS of running shoes!

Okay, so I may have some latent hoarding tendencies. I admit that I don’t like running out of something, like shampoo, or soap, or running shoes (apparently). I always have a backup. And I’m very organized. I was a teacher!

Anyway, it’s not hoarding, it’s stocking up for the running shoe apocalypse. It’s gonna happen.

This is proof positive that I need help. But at least I’ll always have running shoes that fit.

I’m not sure how many years I can stretch out these last eight pairs of Nike Free 3.0’s, and how I’ll cope when that final pair bites the asphalt, but I’ve got awhile before I have to deal with it.