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8/9/11 – 6 MILES

It never ceases to amaze me how I can mismanage something as simple as an alarm clock.  I set the alarm to go off at 4AM this morning, and of course it didn’t.  I still woke up on my own, but I do this all the time.  Maybe that’s why my body has been trained not to trust the alarm.

After Sunday’s 4 miles on the treadmill at the gym I made the decision to boycott the treadmill.  The gym is depressing.  No one talks to each other, everyone’s plugged in to their music (myself included), and the whole thing seems counter to what I love most about running, which is being outdoors.  I resolved to either run outside or not at all, which essentially means I have to get up at ungodly hours to run until this heat wave passes.

Met Bryan, Bill, Stephanie, Heather W, and Shannon at the White Rock dog park.  We were the only cars there.  The temp was 86 degrees with humidity at 50%.  On the bright side, there was a nice breeze.  I wondered aloud why that wind wasn’t bringing in some rain, and everyone talked about the impenetrable high pressure ridge that is stationed over Texas.

Eventually Steph and Bryan darted ahead, and pretty much stayed there the rest of the run. We saw a few other groups pass us in the dark, and I was surprised that there were even bikers out that early.  We discussed running 5 or 6 miles and decided on 6.  My thinking was, if I’m up this early anyway might as well go whole hog and run 6.

On the way back to the car I kept feeling small drops of water on my hands.  At first I thought it might be from Shannon’s water bottle, but eventually I noticed it had turned overcast.  When I brought up the possibility that it might be–dare I even say the word–RAIN, my Doubting Thomas friends scoffed at the ridiculousness of the idea.  I think we have all forgotten what the substance is.  Sure enough, when I got in my car to leave, there were raindrops on the windshield.

There were maybe 10 total raindrops, but it was nice to know it hasn’t forgotten us here in Texas.

Stats:  6.3 miles @ 9:30 pace


West Texas Rainbow

Another Long, Hot Run

8/6/11 – 12 MILES

What can I say that I haven’t already said all summer long?  It’s hot.  Really hot.

It was very humid when we met at 6am at Fuzzy’s.  Bill had stomach issues and decided not to run, but Heather V. was there for her longest run since February and her first run with the group since her marriage.  I heard Jose also had stomach issues and Genevieve turned around somewhere after 3 miles and went home.  I had to use my inhaler before the run, as did Teel.  The point here is that the extreme heat, coupled with no wind, is creating a lot of pollution and pollen, and it’s making us all sick.

We mostly stuck to running at the lake, which was great because of the water fountains.  There was one small section when the sun came up and it was less humid, and there was a nice, cool breeze blowing off the lake.

I used the new small Nathan water bottle with a hand strap that I bought yesterday.  I debated long and hard if I wanted to run 12 miles holding water in my hand, especially when we were running at the lake where the water is plentiful, but it wasn’t too bad.  I kept the bottle mostly empty at the lake and filled it up before we ran back into the hills.  I think I’ll use if for shorter runs in the future and strap on the hated fuel belt for the longer runs.

We ran 7 mi around the lake, and the sun started to get very hot and intense.  The last 3 miles were the toughest for everyone in my group.  It was all uphill back to Fuzzy’s, and we had the pleasure of running up three of our old friends, Tokalon, Sperry, and Anita.

For some reason my heat addled brain didn’t realize when we turned onto Hillside we were only about a quarter of a mile from Fuzzy’s.  Turning the corner and seeing the finish right there, when I was expecting to have to run another three quarters of a mile, was the sweetest finish in a long time.

All in all a good run, but it was hot.  Again.

Today’s Favorite Quote:  “It’s only 12 miles.  I can do anything for 12 miles.”  – Teel, when I asked her how she could hold her huge bottle of water for 12 miles

Stats:  Run – 12 miles @ 9:39 pace – 89 degrees