A New Chapter

My life has undergone a huge change these past three weeks. Running has taken a backseat for the time being, though I hope to be running again within the next two or three weeks. As a friend said, “This is more than just a broken toe!” Indeed.

In the meantime, I walk. Yesterday I managed my longest distance: one mile. All things considered, it’s quite a milestone for me.

I’ll be writing more here on Run Nature once I’m up and running again. Until then, if you’re interested, you can follow my story on my other blog, Mind Margins.

Thanks for reading each week and for all your support these past two years here on the blog. It means the world to me.





  1. MikeW

    Angela: I will be following your posts with great prayer, hope, and STRENGTH! Godspeed in healing and soon, a happy rendition of “On the Road Again.” Do you mind if I re-blog over at M7Adapt? I’d like as many

    • Mind Margins/Run Nature

      Of course I don’t mind if you reblog. I would be honored. That really is my intent in sharing everything, to help other women (and men) who may be going through something similar. Cancer affects everyone. I am finding that ovarian cancer, in particular, is called “the silent killer” for very good reason. Let’s speak out and break the silence! Thank you, Mike, for your continued support, prayers, and thoughts!

  2. thebeardedactuary

    One of the greatest character traits gained by running is the ability to persevere through pain and self-doubt. Those qualities should serve you well as you kick the crap out of that terrible diagnosis! Stay strong and positive!

    • Mind Margins/Run Nature

      Thanks, I have to agree with you about the character traits gained by running. Runners know how to persevere when the going gets tough, so this is merely another tough race to get through. Definitely staying strong and positive!

  3. riverlaketrail

    Angela, I’m so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Hopefully, you’ll get through this rough patch, and have your old freedom to do more of the things you love doing. I want you to know how much I’ve enjoyed your blog posts. I look forward to reading them, both on Run Nature and on Mind Margins. Stay strong. I’m sure it won’t be easy, but if it helps, just know that I’ll still be reading everything you write and want to share. Mike

    • Mind Margins/Run Nature

      I really appreciate that, Mike. I always look forward to your blog posts as well. I think we are kindred spirits in our love of the outdoors and getting away from our crazy, artificial lives. I love your philosophical musings about life and running. I am strong and focused and plan on being around for a very long time. In the meantime, life is to be lived, and enjoyed, with or without cancer.

  4. Tobey


    You are beyond words. I just caught up on your Mind Margins page and can’t believe your story. Thank you for being so open and honest on life, but I have to say your strength is incredible! You are the definition of resilient! Hope to join you on a run when you are back.

    Kim Tobey

    • Mind Margins/Run Nature

      I’m going to have to get a map, plot out where all my blog friends live, and make a huge road trip to meet everyone in person (though I think you live very close by). You all are AMAZING!!!! I would love to run with you on day in the very near future. Hopefully I will be running again in a few weeks, but I will be starting back almost at zero. It’s going to be rough, but oh well. There’s no hurry!

      • Tobey

        Actually, we even have mutual friends! The world is a small place. I saw your blog mentioned in my Facebook feed today.

        You have plenty of time to run!

      • Mind Margins/Run Nature

        We do? I’m guessing it’s a lot of the DRC people. Yes, they are like another branch of my family. It’s where I started running, years ago. Can’t wait to meet you, Tobey! You should come out to one of our Saturday runs.

    • Mind Margins

      I see the oncologist next Thursday. Hopefully I’ll get the official “all clear!” And I’m starting to think about writing again (I really, really needed a break from all things cancer)–so stay tuned! Thanks for always checking in on me, Mike!

      • MikeW

        Definitely happy to hear from you. Will continue checking in, no pressure until you feel ready to write! Peace and prayers.

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