My Week in Running, Simplified

MON: Ran 6 miles @ 9:12 pace. Purposely kept it somewhat out of my comfort zone, and added some long, gradual hills (up and down Glencoe, up and down the Katy Trail). Felt inspired by seeing the elite runners in the Olympic Marathon Trials in Houston. Yoga: 20:00 of Standing Poses. Why are they so hard even though I run so much?

TUE: Running rest day. Did 20:00 of yoga–Twists. Very relaxing.

WED: Ran 6 miles with the group @ a 9:08 pace. Legs felt great. Very proud of the pace since we ran up Meadowlake and Sperry and kept up the great tempo. Scored a free pair of  Nike Frees from Shannon!

THU: Did yoga in the morning (20:00 of Back Bends), then ran 6 miles in the late afternoon. Twenty degrees warmer than last night’s run. Kept an easy pace (9:39), which felt good. Could definitely feel last night’s fast run in the legs. Ran the first three with Nevada (the dog) then dropped her off at the house. It was tough getting back out to finish up the final three miles.

FRI: Yoga–20:00 of Forward Bends, then took Shasta (the other dog) to Flagpole Hill to walk some hills. It was a good workout, and the day was spring-like and windy. It was great to let Shasta off leash and let her be a dog, chasing squirrels and romping around on the hill.

SAT: Tough 12 miler with the group. Kept a 9:20 pace, which is the fastest I’ve run that distance in a long time. Forgot to use my inhaler and paid the price the second half of the run. Made my legs feel heavy. Great breakfast afterwards at Crossroads Diner with the group.

SUN: Walked 3.35 miles with Nevada and did 40:00 of yoga afterwards (Hip Openers and Forward Bends). Walked for about an hour, and reminded myself how much I love to slow down and “just” walk. Legs felt a little tight from yesterday’s long run. Felt much better after the yoga. Read in Runner’s World that 73% of readers run alone and only 5% with a group. I’m amazed at these figures. I can’t imagine doing my long runs without the support of my running friends.



  1. MikeW

    Verse comment:

    A year ago today
    chronicles of sweat

    Today you are
    back on your feet

    A chronicled truth
    friends find sweet…

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